Blue Tide - the Tide linked to reason, wisdom, enlightenment, and mysticism. People influenced by this tide seek to expand their consciousness and spirit forces, acquire great knowledge, and have an in-depth insight about the world around them.

Red Tide - represents passion, emotion, action, pathos, and zeal. It's a path for people who want to live their life to the fullest, and base their worldview on their own feelings. Such characters always strive to be free, and follow the voice of their hearts.

Indigo - represents justice, equity, compromise, and the greater good. People following this path can ultimately sacrifice themselves and their companions if this will serve the "greater good".

Gold - is the Tide linked to empathy, charity, compassion, and sacrifice. People following this path are keen on helping others, often sacrificing their well-being for the happiness of others. Such heroes always strive for a dovish and empathetic solution.

Silver - is the Tide linked to admiration, power and fame. This tide follows people that want to make a mark upon the world, and influence or control others.